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Ever wondered how a sword was used properly? What it takes to fight with a historical weapon such as a sword in a combat situation and not just for show or display? Well, maybe we are the club for you?

We are a Swansea based Western Martial Arts group, studying in the main techniques for long-handled and single-handed sword combat used in the period from the 13th and 16th Centuries.

Our practice sessions do not only teach a variety of different skills needed to wield a sword, but are also a good way to get fit and have fun. If you are interested in learning how a sword or dagger was used to fight historically and you want to practice in an atmosphere of respect, a shared passion for the subject and appreciation for skill than you should come along to our weekly sessions and have a go. We do not practice in order to enter sporting competition or enhance public shows, rather we look at and study serious martial or combat applications of the techniques used in Western history. Despite popular held believes about the lack of a rich tradition in the West, there is substantial historical evidence and numerous fencing manuals in existence which show a tradition as old and technically developed as Martial Arts found in China or Japan. We do use specific, historical reference material for our classes, some of which can be viewed on this site.

So I hope we can welcome you to one of our training practices in the near future!

Dirk Neumann